Monday, August 6

Life is just a walk in the park.

Day at the park
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My husband and I decided to take some special time with our youngest two while the older two were at youth group this past Sunday. Upon being asked what they would like to do they quickly requested that we "show Daddy our special park". Good idea!
While driving there our son and daughter began to fill him in on the favorite things about the park, the neat play equipment and the fact that they had really clean bathrooms. Husband laughed and said "I guess we'll have to check it all out."
Daddy did in fact like our "special park" very much. He pushed the kids on the swings, (even got on one of the swings with them) helped them use the teeter- totter and watched them climb on the jungle gym. I sat on the bench and watched. I took pictures. I savored the sight of a Daddy playing so joyfully with his children and felt so blessed to know that this is my partner in raising children.
We later drove over to our favorite pizza place where we spent over an hour just talking and laughing, enjoying the fellowship of love.
Thankfully we get chances to learn, grow and have fun...some days all we need to know is that life is just a walk in the park.

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