Friday, August 10

Iconic custard

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Every area or town, depending on size, has one place that locals know is the BEST. Whether it's seafood, barbque ribs hambugers or frozen custard, the locals will know it well and visit it often. Our area has Andy's Frozen Custard. THE. BEST. EVER. When we have family or friends come to visit, it is THE place to go. We usually save it as a nightcap to a full day, knowing full well that it is going to make everyone very happy.

This week, my husband's nieces have been visiting us for the first time without parents or grandparents. We have gone to the movies twice, went shopping yesterday, they have stayed up late playing Monopoly and talking and such. It was finally time to take the cousins to visit Andy's so we made it part of the planning for Wednesday night after church. This, in and of itself is a treat, since when school starts back we have to rush home from church and go to bed so we can wake up in time for school mornings...but summer gives us that leaway to stay out a little later and have a little bit of frozen manna custard.
Come visit sometime, we'll take you too!

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kizzy72 said...

O-kay! I'll be right over...