Tuesday, August 7

How hot is it?

Originally uploaded by Jean 1.

Well, it's so hot we have been finding "inside" things to do...like spending three and a half hours at our Incredible Pizza playing games, eating lunch, drinking sodas and playing games. Two of the cousins are in town for the week, that's them in the foreground. The girls are having fun together staying up late, giggling late into the night and helping each other pick out their clothes for the day. Tomorrow we are going to go watch Ratatouille, and another day we are going to the indoor swimming pool. At times like this I find myself so thankful for such things like air conditioning and computers (great for relieving boredom) and satellite television.


Jean 2 said...

I guess this would have been a bad week to *return to 1985*! LOL
And there is NO ONE more thankful for air conditioning than me. Praise God for creating intelligent people to get that going for us! :)

kizzy72 said...

It's been a steamy week up here, too! Our (beloved) air conditioner has been running non-stop. ***I'm glad your kids are enjoying their cousins like this!!! Reminds me of us...way back when. :-)