Tuesday, July 15

Autograph Please!

Recently on a trip to Chicago with friends I had the opportunity to see in person a famous actor. He was filming a movie that will come out next July about a famous criminal, the movie being set in the 1930's or 1940's. This man, J. ohnny D. epp, happened to be walking in to film a portion of the movie when my friends and I were walking down the road (video will be shared once I have the opportunity to get it edited for the web). My children, being very big fans of the P irates of the Caribbean movies, were/are thrilled with my brush with fame. My friends, with whom I was traveling, were also thrilled since they had been fans of his since their teen years. The meeting wasn't extraordinary, no physical embraces took place (although I'm sure my friends would have been thrilled with a hug) but it was the fame of the person that made the experience "something to tell".
The more I have thought about this experience, the more I began to wonder what it is that makes us so enamoured with celebrities...after all they are only people who get paid to be on film/t.v./radio. It's not like they have been gifted with special powers...I've yet to hear of a movie star giving sight to the blind, healing a lame man, or delivering mankind from their sinful nature. It's not that I disdain or have any kind of dislike for celebrities, but I simply see them as they are, just people. I have a friend who is related to a very popular celebrity couple. She is the sister. She is, to me, as important as the persons with the celebrity image. She is nice, kind, a loving mother, a giving aunt and has a deep vested interest in the local school. She is, to me, no less important than her family members. Maybe I should try to get her autograph.
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Jean 2 said...

I completely agree although I will admit I am often enamoured by the idea of seeing certain celebrities. I remember when I worked at the deli-a famous rocker came in-me being more into country music at the time had no idea who he was. I found him disgusting looking with his tatooes and entitled attitude. I was not that friendly to him and when my coworker (who was enamoured with him) shockingly said, "Don't you know who that is!" She then told me, I recognized him but still found him extremely rude. And I was not impressed. He did give me a smile-but I refused to swoon and certainly didn't ask for his autograph! ;) However, it is all in the attitude. I am still guily of being enamoured and in awe of some stars. But I agree, they are JUST PEOPLE whose hearts beat the same!
Quite a comment! hee hee

Joan said...

Nothing about "celebrity" impresses me. They are human like the rest of us. If any thing I pray for them to find Jesus. Thanks for the post.