Saturday, July 12

Garages for Sale?

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Today my children had a garage sale. They all priced, arranged, negotiated, bagged, and made change. The sale was mostly their stuff that had been living in our home, growing and morphing into piles of disproportionate sizes. I also had items that I wanted rid of, so out it all went. We started setting up at 8 (I know, professional garage sellers start at 7...but I'm not crazy enough for that) opened the doors at 9 and finished by 3:30. After the completion we loaded all that was left and took it to the Disabled American Veterans charity. While loading up the leftovers, I also decided to grab as many clothes as I could find that I no longer needed and threw those in to be donated.
The result? Some money was made, even more space was gained and the kids learned a valuable lesson..."just because it costs $20 new doesn't mean you'll get more than $3 for it at your garage sale."

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Andy Jensen said...

My wife and I did the same thing last Saturday with some friends of ours. We finally cleaned out a lot of STUFF that we had been storing for years. I thought we could have asked a bit more for some of the items we sold, but my wife and her friend were highly motivated sellers and would not price anything over $5 and most of it for only $1.

I bought two boxes of muffins from Costco and had my 10-year old sell them and a small glass of orange juice or milk for $1. He did really good! He sold about 16 of the 24 muffins before he got tired of it and wanted to go play along with several glasses of orange juice for $0.25. I was really proud of him and his initiative in asking people if they would like to have a muffin. He was really getting into it and selling well.

When all was said and done, we were fried crispy because we forgot the sunblock but the nooks and crannies of the house and garage are a little more empty and we were a little more than $200 richer. Not too shabby!