Tuesday, July 8

Where your treasure is...

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While Rob and I were in Mexico we took time each day to find a few treasures that we thought our children would like to have or that struck us for one reason or other. Some of the items were just pretty shells, some of them were rocks that the ocean had formed with pits, bumps and colors. Rob tended to find shells that had either been homes to crabs or snails and I tended to look for asthetic beauty. Either way, each item was picked as a result of our judgement of beauty or interestingness. When I look back on the days spent finding the items the treasure lies in the memory of the day. I love knowing that we spent that time together thinking about the kids, looking for items that would be special to them.
There are two items I retained for my own to treasure and remember. One is the piece of aquamarine that I found (tiny blue-ish rock on top of the rock on the far left) and the foot shaped rock at the top left. Those two became special to me for a couple of reasons...The foot shaped one because when I found it the verse "Rejoice for the steps of a righteous man are ordered of God". I found a joy in that reminder that God is always there guiding my foot steps. The piece of aquamarine became mine without question since it is both my favorite color and my favorite stone, I plan to have it wrapped with gold wire and made into a necklace charm. The color, to me is the most soothing and relaxing color ever. The color brings to my memory the beautiful water, the wonderful sound of the waves and time spent with my husband.

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