Friday, July 11

Iphone issues

Ok, so most of you who read my blogs (or know me just in passing) know that I love technology. My husband always gives me electronics over any other kind of bauble because that is my "diamonds". Last year for our anniversary he gave me my most favorite item to date, an IPhone. I use it constantly. And I do mean CONSTANTLY. Except. Today. Why?
Today there has been a release of the new IPhone, for those who either waited to get on the bandwagon or for those who want to upgrade for speed. I, however, am keeping my current phone and began the process to upgrade it with software. All was going great until I came downstairs to see my phone display a message scroll across my phone in six different (or seven..not sure because it was hard to read when my brain is about to explode) languages "slide for emergency". WHAT!?? I tried to restart. Nope. Nothing different. I tried resetting it. Nuh uh. I waited and tried again. Nyet. I disconnected and reconnected it to the computer. zilch. I finally called Apple...holding five minutes...then ten...not a good sign....beginning to wonder if there was a glitch in the upgrade...maybe a virus...what if phone is ruined....what am I going to do without my iPhone....THEY BETTER GIVE ME A NEW PHONE IF THIS DOESN'T WORK AGAIN.
"Hello, this is (insert some name that I cannot hear since my ears are only processing all sounds as white noise). I see that you have x number of days until your warranty expires. Would you like to upgrade to two years? (said sweetly, but not at all what I am worried about right now.)
(snickering I reply) "We'll see about that later, right now my IPhone needs help."
"Mrs. HappySahm, I'm sorry for your inconvenience. As you may know, the new 3g IPhone was released today."
(Rolling my eyes) "Yes, I'm aware of this."
(Responding with glee)"Well, our server is just jammed with folks activating their phones. Itunes is having a difficult time keeping up with the demand."
(groaning, I reply)"So, how long do you think this will take?"
(Pretending sympathy, like only those who's phones will not be affected, she returns)"Well, it could be a few hours. Just keep your phone connected to the computer and when it's your phones turn, it will begin to work."

I have places to go, things to do, twitters to update, facebook to check, text messages waiting to be sent, email that needs to be read, not to mention the fifty other things I do with my phone. And now she's telling my that I will have to use my desktop COMPUTER TO DO THIS? What is this? The stone ages????

So, as I wait, my fingers are trying to remember how to type normal. I sit with my currently defunct phone in front of me, with the "emergency slide" taunting me...while I try to remember how live a normal life...checking every five minutes for my IPhone (from hereon to be known as electronic c.rack) to spring back to life. (*sigh*)

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angelia said...

I so get your addiction after seeing your phone today!! It was great meeting you! :D