Friday, July 11

Update on the madness that was my day

So, stated, my phone went crazy, therefore I did too. I was without phone, email, etc...for eight hours. It was something that drove me a bit crazy. Then? My tv's stopped receiving signal due to a line issue with the satelite. Then? Then? I discovered that someone had left the big freezer open and ruined all the food. ALL. THE. FOOD. I had just restocked it two days ago. We then headed to a fun filled lunch at Fat Rat's (Chuck E Cheese) and to errands. I did have the foresight to shut the freezer tight so that they ruined food would first re-freeze before I had to clean it out, thereby avoiding the worst smelling garage for our garage sale tomorrow.
In summary:
My phone-back in order
My tv-working again
My freezer-full of spoiled food
My house--a wreck with garage sale stuff
My brain-crashing quickly.

:) Try to control your jealousy.

1 comment:

Laurie said...

so. jealous. teehee. I'm sorry your day was so cruddy!! I sincerely hope today was MUCH better....and tomorrow even BETTER!! Maybe you'll get a nice lose a daughter for a just never know!?!? LOL (((((hugs)))))