Wednesday, July 19

Catch up

Dh has been off work for a few days to make up for working on the 4th of July. It was a nice concept, a little of well earned family time to do some fun things, but fell short in execution due to heat index. These are plans that I had formed in my hot little head :
1. Putt putt (kids love, love, love this) TOO HOT
2. Swimming at aunt G's house TOO HOT
3. Bowling (did this but then went home after one game since alley was warm inside)
4. Tennis (lasted an hour tues. Morning with sweat DRIPPING from my head @ 8:30 am)

So, I tell the kids I will take them to the library. WRONG! It was closed due to a broken air conditioner. (enter pouty, bored faces)

We did end up staying home all of Sunday (except for church of course) and all of Monday (except the 45 minutes at the bowling alley) but finally made it SOMEWHERE Tuesday...We took the kids swimming in the creek. I should say DH took the kids swimming in the creek while I sat in a sports chair in the shade with my feet in the water (no way I am putting on a bathing suit in front of someone other than family or close friends). Since the creek is spring fed it was cold....Really cold, and the family loved it. We were with a couple who lives in a neighborhood south of us. It was nice, we ate dinner and then headed home where we worked on the flower bed.

Today, Dh is back to work, we are back to normal and the library is reopened. (cleansing breath).


donna said...

A sense of "normalcy" is always nice. hehe and of course a day with a good friend!:)

Laurie said...

We were also at the library on Weds! Did ya see us? ;) Now watch me clean like crazy because my niece is coming and goodness knows, I can't have her reporting back to my SIL that I have a dirty house!! EEEEeeeks!