Sunday, July 23

Promises of God

The Promises of God are Yes and Amen
I find myself immersed in the thought of what are the promises for me at this present time? What is it that God has already said "yes" to for my life, my kids, my marriage, my friends. Sil dealing with MS...What is His promise for her? Pastor dealing with tumors and upcoming surgery, what is His promise for her? For our family, where will we be in a year, five years, ten? What about the parents? They are growing older, dealing with debt and struggle....What has He laid aside for them, planned for them? Will they continue to struggle, is there a deliverance for them, am I going to end up with responsibility for them and their lives? What part do I play in the promises that have been made? Am I a hindrance or a help. Do my answers to how I deal with the questions of life change the promise or am I merely a vessel that is being moved to fulfill them? I desire to speak and bring truth to those around me, but in the process am I finding truth myself, am I seeking truth to the level that I am finding the answers? What do I hope that the promises are? Some of the answers are easy...My kids to be healthy and happy, my marriage to sustain and grow, my friends to find truth and happiness, my family (sis/bro/parents...Both sides) to find a peace and deliverance from their struggles, for healing to come to those who I love that are dealing with illness and disease and pain. The harder ones are still under the surface. I want financial security, but am I willing to pursue it at the cost of my sacrifice? I want a tidy home, but how much do I want to work at it? I want to be healthier and thinner (alot) but how much work am I going to pour into it? These are the wants, but are they promises that God has for me or merely a journey that will continue that is supposed to grow and develop my Spirit? I sometimes just want a glimpse into the plan so I could plot a course toward it, but then again I know that faith does not work that way....Although it does seem like it would be a bit more inspiring if I could see where I was headed, unless it is a place of deep hurt and sorrow. And then it bring up the questions, what if the things I find easy to hope for are not at all a part of God's promises for me. What if my desire for my kids to live happy and fulfilled lives instead is a hard life that is used to develop them? What if my parents not only continue to struggle and decay in their health but also fall into a deeper pit?That's where "where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord" springs into my mind and I return to the thought that if I ask for a promise and God gives me one, then I can bank on it, since God is not a man that He should lie...It HAS to happen. And if I ask for a promise, and one is not received, then I have to trust that God will do what is best for the person, situation and life that is at stake. So I guess it all comes down to trusting God and seeing His work as a "work in progress" only from my perspective and that all has been accomplished in the mind and eye of Him.

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