Wednesday, July 12

Wow...What a long day! I think it lasted about two weeks. I mean, come on...Enough already with the wanting to eat and needing baths, not to mention the whole supervision thing. I love summer, but when you are trying to get away to a local theme park and the weather keeps throwing thunderstorms in your path, it gets difficult to keep the bloglets from uprising. My male bloglet has asked over and over and over and over (you get the picture) "can we call _______ and see if he can come over and play" substituting name each time he asks with another possible child who may be as bored as he is. "I'll call " I say....But sadly, no one has come over yet. Oldest bloglet awoke early today (NOON) and said "I do not feel well, I think I have a fever". Yep. She did. So, poor thing, went back to sleep. Now, I do believe in sleeping if you need it, but she has been so off schedule that we will have to make her stay up all night and day one time to get her tired enough to go to bed and sleep before 4 am. Second bloglet, thanks to a dear Aunt, has decided that cooking is fun...So now she wants to cook ALL THE TIME. But is doesn't stop with wanting to cook. Oh no! She watches food network non-stop, she surfs the internet for recipes and then ask on a rotation basis if she can make something. Ok, not a huge problem if she were the type to clean up after her project (i do make her clean, but she's not great at it) or the type that read the directions closely. Oh well, at least we have youngest bloglet who still just wants to play a card game or polly pockets and is content to wear her pajamas inside out and waits for my hot coffee to cool so she can sip some. One last one who restricts her cooking to her play kitchen, who talks to friends on the plastic phone and tries to stay awake but conks out when tired and awakens at 10 am.
So I end this post with a deep breath, a silent yawn and a hope for a peaceable and lovely tomorrow.


donna said...

My oh my-what a day that must have been for you today! And you are still up? I say-let the bloglet cook! I must get at least one of my children involved in that soon.

Malapert said... appears I make a lasting impression. ;) I'll have to send her my very best chocolate chip cookie recipe. You'll LOVE it!! :) teeheehee