Monday, July 24

Operation Evasive maneuvers

I have had company this weekend...Which has left me little time or privacy to blog. Right now I am hunched in the back of my closet behind my long hanging clothes typing as quietly as possible. Why? Picture the show "Everybody Loves Raymond". I will explain my reasons from hiding using the show. Ready?

Scene: Kitchen table in Debra Barrone's home. Debra is sitting at the kitchen table reading her blogs and, just as she pulls up a comment section in a often visited blog, in walks Marie Barrone (her MIL)

Marie: Are you on your computer again?
Debra :Uh, yes. Just thought I'd do a little reading for a few minutes.
Marie: (looking around the kitchen and noticing the two dishes in the sink) What are you reading?
Debra: Oh, just an article.
Marie: Is it a news article?
Debra: No, just an essay.
Marie: Oh. What kind of essay can you find? Is it by someone you know? (looking confused)
Debra: No. (not technically, we haven't met yet, but she doesn't want to expose new online friend to her MIL's prying eyes)
Marie: (walking over toward the laptop) What's it about?
Debra: (quickly clicking a link of someone she DOESN'T know) Just about taking pictures...
Marie: (bored with that topic) Oh. (Sits down next to Debra to watch)
Debra: You can use this if you want, I need to go change over the laundry. (I'll have to blog later)

[later, now in the bedroom using another computer. In walks FIL]
Frank: Hey, what are you doing in here all by yourself?
Debra: Oh, nothing...Just messing around (closes blog windows and gets up from computer)
Frank: Just checking your email?
Debra: Huh? Oh, sort of, was actually just checking on something.
Frank: Ah. What are we doing for dinner?
Debra: (deep breath) Let's go see.

[much later, interior of bedroom closet, lights off, hiding behind long hanging clothes]
Debra: {whispers to self} Let's see them find me now! (begins a blog titled "Operation Evasive maneuvers)

:) More to follow later....I've been discovered by a bloglet.


donna said...

TOO FUNNY!! I am literally LOL! What has blogging done to us? More importantly-what have we done to those around us??hehe

Laurie said...

It's GREAT! I can totally see that, especially with YOUR crazy ILs...teeheehee. They are the epitomy of Frank and Marie. ;)