Friday, July 6

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sweet hiway of information.

Blogosphere, I'm back. Fear not, what my wireless router intended for harm Tech Support has provided for good. I've been Internet-less for a few days, which had left me feeling a bit bereft. I could be found wandering in circles saying odd sentences like "I wonder if anyone has commented lately" and "Oh, that will make a great post" and answering the question "have you bought any milk?" with "Do I LOOK like I've bought any milk?? I can't even get online!".

So, with all that said....

My good buddy over @ Hybrid Theory Wonders tagged me with the Pondering of 8 Things no one knows about me. I'll do my best, but for those of you that even sort of know me you know that I'm pretty much an open book. :) Here goes:

1. I used to fantasize about being a southern gospel singer, even to the point of looking into auditions for the Baldknobbers. (embarrassed look on my face)

2. When I was in second grade, I used to practice (for hours) talking like Nell Carter because I thought her voice was cute. [this is me, 2nd grade]

3. I once "played the piano" for 3rd grade show and tell, but I'd never had lessons and so I just sat up there and hit a bunch of keys and then bowed when I was done, while my classmates sat stunned and just stared.

4. I am shy. I hide it very well by pretending not to be when I have people around who know me, but left on my own with a room full of strangers I would rather sit and read than have to interact with people.

5. I love reading comments on my blogs, but even worse, I check site meter every day to make sure SOMEBODY is reading even if no one comments. (I know, pathetic, but I'm being honest)

6. I used to have a crush on the deep voiced singer of Oak Ridge Boys (I still think he's kinda cute)

7. I do not like dark rooms....I like to have at least some light or my palms start sweating and my heartbeat gets very rapid.

8. I look forward to someday living in a retirement community, someplace that mows your lawn for you and has an on site beauty parlor and BINGO every Friday night.


Bill said...

Well, you have at least 1 new comment and another visitor today! I check my sitemeter all the time as's addicting! Nice list! Sorry to hear you've been internet-less....glad it's fixed.

The Small Scribbler said...

I walk around with a jug of milk in my hand and can't remember that I was going to return the milk to the fridge because I have the words to a new blog formulating in my head.

I check my sitemeter and I hate dark rooms too. Dark rooms with mirrors are the worst though because what if I look and see myself staring back? Creepy.

Good list. I'm totally cracking up over the Nell Carter thing.


simply salzillo said...

I can so relate to being shy...get me in my element and I'm fine, but around strangers or even people at church that I don't know's just sad! I think it's b/c I'm a first born:)