Tuesday, July 10

Baby Fix

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My sis in law came to visit recently bringing with her four stair-step children. This is Linae, the youngest of the family. The kids and I had only briefly met her the week before at a memorial service for Nana, so when they arrived she garnered quite a lot of attention. I enjoyed rocking a little one again, snuggled up against my neck and breathing soft breaths of life that only a small one can take, smelling a fragrance that I wish one could bottle to be sprinkled onto baby clothes saved for memory sake and sending a calm that can only be achieved by holding a baby so near to ones heart. What a treasure it was to have her here.

The next few days will feature this family and the other key players and the blessing that they also brought to our home. So, until tomorrow, enjoy the baby fix. :)


Laurie said...

LOL - in that position she has a double chin! She almost looks [dare I say it?]....chunky. lol

Funny, I was just going to blog today about our visit with you as well. Great minds...

Jean 1 said...

What i love about the picture are her dimples! So cute!