Monday, July 23


My husband and I have just finished celebrating our 16th anniversary weekend. Yep, weekend...with the exclusion of his workday Saturday we have spent a LOT of hours together. We laughed, reminisced, talked, talked and talked. It was fun. He told me his thoughts that he had right before we got married (let's just say he went into typical guy panic). I told him about my walk at three a.m. with Jean 2 the night before the wedding. We talked about Jean 2 sobbing as he and I drove away from the wedding. Then we talked about the years and the growth we experienced. It was such a wonderful weekend. What a joy to know that God has brought us thus far. I think upon writing this post I will upload a few of our wedding photos and put them on here tonight. (fun fun)


Jean 2 said...

That is such a great pic of you two. And yes-I was totally guilty of sobbing and going into a deep depression after the wedding. But I have seen firsthand the blessings you two have had in your lives. Congrats on a happy 16 years!! And many many more!

Bill said...

I've only known you for 2 of those 16 years, but it's obvious just how happy and blessed you guys are. Thanks for all you do!