Friday, July 13

Matthew the Superhero

Originally uploaded by Jean 1.

This is Matthew. Matthew is the final rung on the stairstep that is the cousins. He is six, two days short of being an exact year younger than my Ryan. It has been such a blessing for there to be a boy cousin in this family of numerous girls (there are 10 granddaughters and until recently there was only the two grandsons. Now there are two more toddler grandsons that live away from the family). Matthew is very taken with superhero's of all types (as you can see from the Spiderman pose) and enjoys superhero play. I think we must have rigged capes and masks everyday all day long for the two boys (and sometimes for Rose and Christi when the boys would let them play). I look forward to each visit with him, love him and enjoy who he is.
(yes, there are two posts today since my post yesterday did not appear for some reason...)


Laurie said...

Thanks for the family showcase this week! I wasn't friends with my cousins growing up so the relationship our kids have with each other is even more precious to me. We miss you! When are you coming back this way? :) Wanna help me paint the hideous green?? LOLOL

Jean 1 said...

oh, there's one more picture tomorrow. hee hee hee
And i love the relationship our kids have too, it's something that I had from time to time, but never at the depth of their friendships.
Uhhhh, paint? Uhhh, hmmm, well....