Saturday, July 28

The past in the present

aged barn
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As you may remember, I have a fascination with barns. What is it about barns that draws my interest? Well, it's the history behind the barns that I find endearing. Barns were once the center of ones home. If a fire occurred, one hoped it would be the house instead of the barn since the barn houses the livelihood of the family, all the winter items needed, the transportation of the family, the seeds and equipment for food, crops and feed for animals. It was the single most important structure on the homestead. Barns were also the result of a community. They connected neighbor to neighbor, often raised during a workday. Men, women and children would work together to help one another. The barn, for the Amish, is the place were teenagers meet and court during "Singings", it also is often the place were a worship service will take place. The barn, such a part of our history is fast fading into the past. We, as a general rule, do not need the barns as much. We have garages, we have grocery stores, we have sheds...none of which I begrudge anyone (and of which I gladly partake) but there's something that tugs my heart when I drive past a barn that has obviously served a family throughout the years and protected that which they needed for survival.


Jean 2 said...

You are so right about barns. What a history they have. I love that. I have always liked barns as well but never quite knew why-lol-so I will use your reasons. :)

The Small Scribbler said...

I like barns too. I think we would be a healthier society both morally and physically if we all had barns and food produced by our hard labors.

I love these pictures.