Wednesday, July 18

Take the Long Way Home

Take the Long Way Home
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So often in our lives we are hurrying. Hurrying through the laundry, to get dinner done, to run to the store for a gallon of milk, preparing dinner. Everything is about speed and instant results. Sometimes, it is necessary to just slow down, look around, drive a little out of the way to decompress. Last week I had one of those times. After meeting my friend at Walmart to shop sans kids, I drove the back road home. This picture was taken from the top of the steering wheel while driving home from Walmart. I arrived home more peaceful than I would have if I had taken the main road with all the traffic, stop lights and 60 mile an hour speed limits. Out here, the speed limit is 45, the traffic (as you can see) nearly non-existent and the landscape peaceable and comforting.
Here's to a quiet interlude.


simply salzillo said...

I have my moments when I miss the back roads! It seemed to be all the drove our last year:(

Jean 2 said...

Well-HOPEFULLY you can come see me today and MY road is nearly always without traffic and peaceful. Hmmmmm....maybe I should be more grateful. Stoplights and busyness drive me NUTS!

kizzy72 said...

ohhhh...this made me HOMESICK!!! I miss Missouri and my Missouri friends! Can't wait to see you guys.