Saturday, July 14

The final installment of "When Family Comes to Visit"

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When last we were together, you had met the last of the cousins that came to visit....But Wait!!!

You must now meet the momma. Sister-in-law, acting as cruise director for the Loveboat (Honda) Minivan of Sea Mist blue (or is it glacier ice?), came with kids to hide out from the floor repairment take a little vacation with the southern Missouri family. She has become one of my closest friends, having similar backgrounds and sense of humor (a must have with me, right Jean 2?) as well as a common goal of raising children to be happy and productive as well as intelligent adults.

She is funny, giving, sarcastic (hee hee) loving and a good momma. She loves her children and loves mine (a true bonus). My kids love her as well, which makes for a wonderful visit.

We had the chance to go get pedicures/manicures and just be grown ups for a little while while my older two babysat the younger kids. It was such a nice little oasis in the land of Motherhood.

And tomorrow, I return to the tales of my little acre of land we call Home. :)

P.s. click the link above to hear Linnae's newest vocal cute it hurts.

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