Tuesday, July 17

Cool new ponchos

Cool new ponchos
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Yesterday I took my kids and two friends to Branson Landing. It is an outdoor mall with cool play areas and all the coolest stores. My girls have been babysitting and had money in their purses ready to spend on clothes (I know, shocking considering they're teenagers). Bria's BFF met us down there along with BFF's mom, sister, sister's friend and boy BFF babysits. They are a really nice group of people and the Mom, Debra, laughs at my jokes....which means I REALLY like her!
We shopped, ate lunch, talked and just had a really good time. Nearing the end of the day, Bria said she would sit with the kids while I went into one store of my choosing so off I trotted into the Cold Water Creek store....70% off sale sign had me salivating. I had no more than walked through the doors when I heard a clap of thunder. Hesitating, I looked outside, decided I had a little bit of time, and began to look through the dress rack with items marked WAY DOWN. Another thunder clap. I quickly took my chosen item, after being assured that I could return it to our local store if it didn't fit, to the register to pay and hurry back to the kids. As the lady was ringing up my purchase it began to sprinkle outside. As she bagged the purchase it began to lightly rain. As she put the receipt into the bag it began to rain. As I walked to the door it began to rain harder. As I read the text message from Bria that said "In Disney. Thunder Scared Christi. Waiting here 4 U" it began to rain a bit harder. As I walked through the doors of the Disney store it began to pour. We decided to wait out the rain burst in the Disney store, allowing the kids to watch the big t.v. in the back. 45 minutes later I was tired of standing, getting thirsty and having doubts that the rain burst was going to be over anytime before closing time. And then I got creative. Bria, Niki and I began shifting all our purchases to the one big bag. Bria handed me her scissors. I began creating the coolest new ponchos this side of the Mississippi from the smaller yet adequate plastic bags from Children's Place, Disney Store and Charlotte Russe. We dashed to the van, got there dripping wet and one and all began to laugh at each other's hair, running make up and rain soaked shorts, shoes and "ponchos". (click on the photo to see it better.)


The Small Scribbler said...

Very clever, those ponchos. I think I like the second one from the left the best. And I'm so jealous that you were in Coldwater Creek during a sale no less. We're about a zillion miles from the nearest one.


Jean 1 said...

Well, let me know what size bag you need and I'd be happy to whip you up a custom made poncho! I'll even ship for free. :)

And yes, in there during a sale that I couldn't really shop...so it ripped my heart out a little to see the sale signs and not be able to puruse the items. :(