Tuesday, July 24

Tagged. I'm it!

I've been tagged by Laurie at Learning Life Through Unschooling to list 8 random things about me. It's taken me a bit to come up with 8 actual things about me that are both random and true. :) So here goes....

1. I used to have a major dislike for my feet. I hated for anyone to see them and was always afraid that they were stinky. I'm obviously over that now though, with my penchant for pedicures.

2. I like to read. A LOT. I find myself drawn to historical fiction most times, where I completely lose track of time. I have found that it is actually four a.m. when I finally close a book more times than not. This summer I have (as of one a.m.) read 25 books. (maybe more, but I loose track of them after awhile)

3. I am a techie/geek/electronic junkie/media kind of gal. That explains the statement that I made a few years ago and have repeated when friends ask me why my husband doesn't buy me jewelry for special occasions very often: "If electronics were jewels then I am like Elizabeth Taylor dripping in diamonds." Nothing sparkles like a new Iphone, laptop, printer, camera, etc...

4. In the love languages quiz: my language is gifts (duh!) and gifts of service.

5. I dream of going to Italy and Scotland and Paris. My husband....does not. Enough said.

6. I love Brighton jewelry (I know, direct contrast to #3, but hey I am a woman!). I like the fact that they have a lot of two tone items since I like to wear silver mostly, but my wedding rings are gold, so it makes for a nice mix. My favorite piece? My breast cancer awareness pieces...of which I have four or five.

7. I buy two new purses a year, one for the first day of fall and one for the first day of spring. I buy fairly inexpensively so that I do not feel guilty for using them for less than a year...and if I buy really inexpensively it gives me room to buy a bonus purse for the year. (Yea!)

8. My favorite candy? Dark chocolate Milky Way candy bars. I adore them....crave them...try to stay far away from them!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my random meanderings. Thanks Laurie for making me think really hard. ;) I now tag Jean 2 @ A Pair of Jeans and Amanda @ Simply Salzillo who is new to blogging.

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